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The Loop is expanding in Summer 2017.

10 new locations across Birmingham.

The new extended Loop Birmingham is set to deliver 8.46 million impacts every two weeks.

Birmingham’s newest media channel. Twelve new digital locations within the pedestrian core, 23 screens positioned to influence throughout Birmingham’s regenerated city centre

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Birmingham’s newest media channel.

Twelve new digital locations across Birmingham’s pedestrian core, 23 screens positioned to influence throughout Birmingham’s regenerated city centre.

Merging the Out of Home broadcast proposition with the latest technology, The Loop will deliver uninterrupted & unmissable advertising to Birmingham with the opportunity for brands to develop a deeper emotional connection with consumers through a bespoke campaign.

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The Specifics:

  • 12 Birmingham city centre locations
  • 84” state of the art full motion LCD ultra high definition screens
  • Portrait orientation, horizontal resolution of 1080 pixels and a vertical resolution of 1920 pixels
  • 4.8 million impacts every two weeks
  • Inbuilt light sensors to adjust for sun-facing or shade facing sides delivering exceptional display quality on every screen irrespective of the weather

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Get Connected: Wi-Fi

We have installed industry leading Wi-Fi zones at every The Loop location; The Loop Wif-Fi is faster than others, easy to connect to – login via Facebook, Twitter, or email – more widely obtainable on location and allows for a branded Wi-Fi page.

The Loop offers brands the opportunity to centrally network all locations creating a Wi-Fi network across the city. The network will allow advertisers to engage with consumers at Birmingham’s key locations – providing location, movement, measurement, data and serve relevant messages through mobile multi screen formats.

This can be utilised to extend the brand experience and deliver extra content to consumers’ mobiles, including discount vouchers, book extracts, music tracks or film trailers.


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With 58% of people in the UK owning a smartphone and 59% of 16-24s citing their mobile phone as the media they could not live without (vs 17% for TV), the impact of connecting with consumers on their mobile is significant. Mobile geolocation technology allows brands to reach consumers on their smartphones through DOOH.

The Loop will enable advertisers to extend the brand experience beyond their OOH campaign, utilizing mobile geolocation technology and call to action messaging to further engage consumers via their smartphones within the UK’s second city.


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Facial recognition technology has been employed in some of this years most innovative DOOH campaigns; in built cameras in every The Loop screen will recognize gender, age groups and positioning. The Loop will enable brands to serve adverts to consumers at any relevant time leading to less wastage and a more targeted campaign, as well as bespoke creative executions and augmented reality campaigns.

LookOut also enables more specific reporting for your campaign; it can tell you how many people look (viewers) and how long they look for (gaze time).


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Live Video Streaming

Digital out of home advertising capitalizes on the attentive mindset we inhabit whilst out and about to connect brands with consumers and deliver a real brand experience. Live video streaming enables brands to extend their reach; projecting events far beyond their live surroundings, and product launches to entire cities.

The Loop will facilitate the streaming of live video content within a designed template across all 23 full motion screens. The video can take up the whole screen, but it is recommended that the video be ‘framed’ in case of stream issues from the source – this also enables the frame to be branded to heighten brand awareness amongst consumers and integrate your brand with the live content.


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Live Data & Social Media Feeds

Relevant, bespoke campaigns attract attention; data driven messaging cuts through the noise and delivers pertinent campaigns that compel consumers to take notice.

The Loop will allow brands to integrate live data – including news bulletins, weather forecasts, traffic reports, live scores for sports, betting odds & flight and film schedules – and social media feeds into their campaigns to deliver relevant and engaging advertising messages.


The Loop Birmingham Locations ( Coming soon )

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A new model for buying OOH media, The Loop Birmingham is planned and bought flexibly online by audience and impacts.

Artwork & Production Specs (395 kB)

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