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Manchester is an ambitious, dynamic and unique supercity. Renowned as a successful, international business location and famous for producing world-class football stars and iconic bands.

The first industrial city, Manchester is a melting pot of ideas that has attracted some of the world’s leading companies - Google, BBC and The Co-operative - to collaborate with local firms to serve the world from Manchester.

There’s more to life than London … and Manchester’s a good place to start!

Manchester is investing billions to create exciting, attractive working environments that will be at the vanguard of new industries and innovations; the city has transformed itself into one of Europe’s most dynamic and exciting cities in which to live & work, with an increasingly diverse economy.

A cosmopolitan outlook and thriving cultural scene makes Manchester a hot-bed for the output of a wide range of creative industries.

Public and private investment has transformed Manchester in the last twenty years, and the city continues to develop itself as a destination of national & international significance; through a unique strategic regeneration framework, city-wide regeneration continues at a super-fast pace.

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Did you know?

Manchester is the birth place of the computer!

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